Obama’s Pen, Harry Reid’s Senate, America’s Constitution

That’s awesome Mr President. I’m glad you’ve a pen and a phone. That’s not all you have. You have a White House, with its ‘bully pulpit,’ and its Air Force One. You are the President of a country that has won two world wars and put men on the moon.

You’re the so called leader of the free world; America’s Commander-and-Chief. You have the ability to go virtually anywhere, do virtually anything, know virtually anything about anybody, and you have the ability to — in a moments notice — go on television and speak to virtually everyone.

As the current occupier of the office of President of the United States of America you could be, arguably, if not one of, the most powerful man in the the world. However, given the potential of the office Obama holds, to influence and bring about change, given his propensity to whine about Congress and threaten the use of unilateral executive action; I cannot help but postulate that he is one of the weakest men to occupy the White House in the last 50 years, if not the worst President in my lifetime.

One crucial thing that Obama has is Senator Majority Leader Harry Reid. This has given Obama the ability to totally ignore, literally, dozens of bills that have passed the House of Representatives. For all the talk about Republicans being obstructionists — not that Republican “leadership” deserves praise — it probably doesn’t bother Obama and the Democrats too much when the Senate sits on 40 jobs bills from the House.

What we have, though, is the ability to take this away from the President. It’d be harder for Obama to obfuscate the truth — not saying GOP politicians never do that! — if the Senate actually debated House bills. Its been too easy for Obama, not having to deal with the question how to use that pen of his, to not have to deal with signing or vetoing more bills. Obama’s Senate firewall has been a de-facto veto of dozens of jobs bills and even Ron Paul’s bill to audit the federal reserve.

In Obama we have a President, the leader of the Democrat Party, who doesn’t think it’s possible to understand the Constitution he swore to uphold. This has been, and you need to know this, the ‘progressive view’ for the last 100+ years.

For most of the last 40 years we only had one politician in Washington, DC who voted consistently in accordance to his Oath of Office. His presidential campaigns & successive movements have been referred to as a r3VOLution.

Not to conflate Obama’s Marxism with Ron Paul’s Constitutional libertarianism; what American needed was not revolutionary ‘Hope & Change.” What she needs is revival. And not just spiritual.

Ron Paul is retired from Congress and is busy with other things. But what you may not realize is that we are on the verge of a Constitutional Revival.

We’ve a self proclaimed Liberty Caucus in the House. And at least a few unusually principled Senators.

We have very successful Conservative organizations training and organizing activists.

We’ve saved the Principles of ’98 & State Nullification from the Orwellian Memory Hole.

We have more and more families homeschooling and unschooling (yes, that’s a thing).

Austrian economics is the fastest growing school of economic thought, with no signs of shrinking back anytime soon.

And despite what the lame stream media would have you to think, the death of the TEA Party is greatly exaggerated.

Whether you consider yourself a conservative, a libertarian, a republican, tea partier, or just an American; whether you’re an activist, a blogger, a parent, a teenager, veteran, or business owner; there is a role for you in this liberty movement.

Your options include — but are not limited to — helping people find jobs and get out of debt, helping someone get a GED, starting a business to actually create jobs, talking to your neighbors to help recreate a sense of community, working to change the GOP from the bottom up, donating money to a worthy cause or candidate, learning about and supporting nullification in your city and state.

Amongst our options, we have an important decision to make:

We can give Obama a free pass from the Senate all the way to the end of his 2nd term. Or we can take the Senate away from the Democrats, along with Obama’s de-facto veto. Heck, we might even be able to get better GOP leadership in the House. As controversial as it’d be; imagine a House & Senate that’d realistically be able to Impeach Obama.

We have the power to reinvigorate the grassroots. We have the use of our time, talents, energy, and resources to forge a new conservative-libertarian fusion that can win in 2014 and 2016.

Of all you can do, with what you have, for yourself, your children, and your country; I strongly urge you to consider being a part of helping America to take back her Senate.

We too have pens and phones. We also compassion, persuasion, energy, intellect, talent, arms, legs, voices, and votes. We have a Constitution, it’s Bill of Rights, and a country to save. What we don’t have is time to waste. Its time for us to remember who we are, and what we’re going to do about it.

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